imladris shilohs

Mara/TUCSON - b. october 27, 2015

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BelleGrace's Erumara of Imladris
aka Mara
b. October 2, 2012 | gray sable plush
sire: bCH OceanState's Elessar of Imladris HCT1
dam: BG Fuel'n the Fire for Bearpaw
hips: OFA Good SLH-725G25F-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL489F25-VPI
heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA509/25F/C-VPI
and holter/clear, 5/2013
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH269/25F-VPI
eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE18/25F-VPI
dm: DM Normal GenSol 100-6337, 3/2015
brucellosis negative 8/29/2015

Mara is from BelleGrace's 2012 Kohl/Strider Litter

BelleGrace's Tucson
aka Tucson
b. September 8, 2010 | bi-black/tan plush
sire: CJ's Mystical Athabasca Dreamer
dam: CJ's Gabriel of Hilltop
hips: PennHip L 0.44 R 0.49, no DJD
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL399M28-VPI
heart: normal, practitioner

Imladris Shilohs and BelleGrace Shilohs are pleased to announce the pairing of BelleGrace's Erumara of Imladris aka Mara to BG Kiss My AZ aka Tucson. This combination brings together a touch of outcross, Orbit, from Mara. Mara’s sire is old line Shiloh. Tuscon brings Chaos and Foundation lines to the breeding. We expect pups with soft to medium soft, loving temperaments, beautiful conformation and rich, dark pigment. Pups will be plush and sables and duals are expected.


Breeding Pedigree +/-
BelleGrace's Tucson (F4/CHA5)
CJ's Mystical Athabasca Dreamer (F3/CHA4) CJ's Cutter de Cade (CHA3) CJ's Cadence of Shenandoah ROM (CHA2)
CJ's Dreamin de Lobo
CJ's Echo of Luke (F2) Creamer's Luke Von Shiloh (F1)
Mason Dixon Lady Lisa of CJ
CJ's Gabriel of Hilltop Destiny Dancer's MGM of Hilltop bChptd Hilltop's Ramblin Man Jake CGC
NS bCH Hilltop-Oasis Good Time Karly CGC (MAW3)
CJ-Hilltop's Combined Victory NS abiCH Heaven Orion Cazador of Desert CGC, PENN, ROM
GV NS abifrCH CJ Lobo's Coolspring Rain CGC, TDI
BelleGrace's Erumara of Imladris (ORB3)
bCH OceanState's Elessar of Imladris HCT1 GVx2 TD NS GrCanCH abCH Miracle's Silver Bullet CGC, OFA, HIC, ROM NS abCH Shenandoah-Mt. Selah's Magnum CGC, TDI, ROM
NSx3 abfiCH CJ's Sweet Tarantella Of Kuro CGC, TT, OFA, ROM
bCHptd Miracle's OS Girl In Motion GVx5 NSabrnCH Gemini's Apollo Rocket CGC, ROM
Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise CGC, ROM
BG Fuel'n the Fire for Bearpaw (ORB2) Zion's Knight-Rider Kit Shenandoah-Zion Silver Bullet (MAW3)
Zion's Priceless Onyx
Zion's Golden Promise Of Venus (ORB1) Hoofprint Orbit (ORB)
Jnk's Golden Nugget Of Zion (MAW3) *BW*