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CAESAR/LYRA : march 1, 2014

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All of our puppies have found their forever homes!

abiCH DreamCatcher's Shadow Prancer CGC, TT
aka Caesar

b. July 22, 2006 | black/cream, plush
sire: brCH Ocean State's Saber By My Side
dam: Bolo's Rise-N-Shine Fuji Of CJ's
height/weight: 29.75", 110#
hips: PH L 0.36 R 0.31, no DJD 70th percentile
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL240M39-VPI
heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA275/32M/C-NOPI
thyroid: normal, practitioner
eyes: CERF Normal SHS198N2009-33
dm: OFA Normal SLH-DM189/79M-PIDNA: TSS-189
TSSR: 80052-5053-TS

Nottingham's Laerwen O'Imladris
aka Lyra

b. August 20, 2010 | brown sable plush
sire: bCH Glorious Elvis Von Europa
dam: Keystone's Scarlet's Ember, CGC
height/weight: 27" 107lbs
hips: PH L 0.29 R 0.28, no DJD, 90th percentile
elbows: OFA Normal 21M
heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA423/18F/C-VPI
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH234/32F-VPI
eyes: CERF Normal, 2012
dm: OFA Carrier SLH-DM142/19F-PI-CAR
brucellosis negative 1/2014

Imladris Shilohs and DreamCatcher Shilohs are pleased to announce the pairing of Nottingham’s Laerwen O’Imladris (Lyra) to Dreamcatcher’s Shadow Prancer (Caesar). This combination brings together a touch of outcross (Artus and Orbit) and old line Shiloh from Lyra and foundation and old line Shiloh from Caesar. Pups will be 6.25% outcross. We are expecting pups with substantial bone, blocky heads, and good overall size with stable, loving temperaments. These pups will be plush coated, mostly sables with a chance for a few duals.

Lyra is a solid girl with a medium soft temperament. She has a wide body and blocky head with well-set ears of medium size. Her coat is very thick and she has a lovely saber tail. Lyra is ever alert to her surroundings and the first to warn of strangers. She maintains her alert status until told to stand down, at which point she is cautiously accepting of the newcomer. With her family she is very loving and wants very much to please.

Caesar is a black & cream dual with a magnificent head, great bone, beautiful movement and a medium-soft temperament that always draws a crowd. He absolutely adores children, his sweet, gentle & patient personality winning over even the few leery of this 'Gentle Giant' who is truly a big teddy bear and the ultimate companion. He weighs in around 110, was wicketed at 29 1/2 inches and passed all his health testing . Caesar is a calm, easy going boy. His nick name, "Prancer' came about at an early age when he confidently pranced around the show ring like his Great Grandfather Apollo & Father Saber. He continued to excel in the ring, earning his Breed Championship & his NAKC Championship along with his CGC & TT.


Breeding Pedigree +/-
abiCH DreamCatcher's Shadow Prancer CGC, TT
brCH Ocean State's Saber By My Side abCHptd Miracle's 1st Ocean State Boy CGC NS abiCH Heaven Orion Cazador of Desert CGC, PENN, ROM
Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise CGC, ROM
bCHptd Miracle's OS Girl In Motion GVx5 NSabrnCH Gemini's Apollo Rocket CGC, ROM
Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise CGC, ROM
Bolo's Rise-N-Shine Fuji Of CJ's CJ-Diamond Hills Lightening Bullet Shiloh's Silver Bullet
Diamond's Dynamic Lightening
CJ's Elsa Schon Sikorski NS abCH CJ's Lobo Amado De Windsong CGC, TDI, ROM
NS abCH Abigail Atherton CGC, ROM
Nottingham's Laerwen O' Imladris
bCH Glorious Elvis Von Europa NS abCH CJ's Lobo Amado De Windsong CGC, TDI, ROM GV abaCh Bionic Black-Smoke Of Zion CGC, ROM
GVx2 abciCH Windsong's Katrinka D'Shiloh OFA, ROM
bChptd India's Princess Jewel Of Oasis CGC NS abCH Snow's A Tribute To Pax-Zion
bCHptd Zion's Gretchen Starr ROM
Keystone's Scarlet's Ember CGC bChptd Keystones Jasper Jax O Zion CGC, TDI bCh Zion's Angus Quinn For Cash
2x GV bCH Zion's-Chaos Spirit Of Megan
Jersey's Midnight Run ODS Zion GV bCH Dayspring's Timber Of Highlife
Daysprings Hallelujah Of Zion